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Denny Blumberg of Huntington Chase Homes and Developments prefers doing business the old fashioned way; with a handshake. Since the establishment of his company, Huntington Chase Corporation in 1993, he has been quietly building homes in the O'Fallon area. Nearly all of his customers have come to him via word-of-mouth. In fact, he currently has many repeat customers building homes with him.


Developing and building houses became Denny's passion in the late 1980s while working for a relocation company in St. Louis. His first step was to open his own relocation business when he realized that no one was concentrating on the Illinois side of the river. A few years later he partnered with William Alberternst, who already built several houses for Denny, to form Huntington Chase Corporation.


The two purchased 22 lots in what is now called Cambridge Commons. That was in early 1993 and according to Denny, "We took people out in pickup trucks to show them where the lots were going to sit. It was pouring down rain and there were no roads, no sewers, and no water. I couldn't believe it!" Ultimately they built 119 homes. From there they bought Nolin Creek and built 134 homes, then 100 homes in Huntington Chase and then numerous homes in Steeplechase, Braeswood and Crowne Pointe.  Denny's enthusiasm for building hasn't subsided. He averages 50 homes per year.


Denny was the first builder of the homes in The Landings at Far Oaks, which is located on the Far Oaks golf course near Fairview Heights. The homes averaged from about $400,000 to $800,000. He loved building there because of the creativity involved in the design. It was also his first subdivision to include a display home. That house was so popular it sold within 60 days.  Another subdivision Denny built in while at The Landings of Far Oaks was Witte Farms Estates. It consisted of 81 lots developed on 125 acres. Blumberg added two lakes, which were stocked with fish and landscaped with natural grasses. The entrance is beautifully beamed and lined on both sides with trees. Huntington Chase also built Windermire Ridge located on the west side of O'Fallon off Milburn School Road and the Parcs of Arbor Green off Simmons just north of the new Sports Complex in O’Fallon. The homes ranged from $260,000 to $600,000. Denny offered many custom features as standards; his communities just can't be matched elsewhere.


Denny's wife Maureen grew up in O'Fallon so he feels a strong connection to the area and a commitment to its development.  Even now, Denny, Maureen and their three children, Sara, Scott, and Sean continue to make O'Fallon their home. While O'Fallon is his main base, Denny's company also builds in Swansea, Trenton, Breese, Aviston, Troy, and Highland.  Most of the subcontractors Denny hires have worked for him for the past 15 years and he never hesitates to describe the superior quality of their work. His relationship with the subs is based on trust.


He wants his clients to have confidence in him and doesn't believe in complicating the process.  As he creates a subdivision, he decides on what the standards will be such as the inclusion of crown molding, central vacuums, 9 ft basement pours, 3 car garages and hardwood in the kitchen, kitchen nook, powder room, and entry.  But, if a client wants to make a change and the project hasn't progressed too far,  Denny will make the change without adding any administrative fees or change order fees.   Other builders tell him that he's losing money this way but Denny sees it differently. To him, a great relationship with his home buyers is of the utmost importance. That is one reason that he personally meets with each homebuyer to review their home plans.


His faith in his customers extends to the extraordinary practice of not taking any down payments or earnest money for the houses he builds. "They have faith in us to build the home and when it is completed to their satisfaction we close on it." Denny explains, "We do it that way because we believe it is a lot less stressful on the customer." Denny continues to make the home buying experience more stress-free by locating his office within a community they're currently building. This also allows Denny the opportunity to stay close to the building process. Denny doesn't just build houses, he builds communities. A current display home and office are also in the community of The Reserves of Timber Ridge off Simmons Road.  

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